Detailed: 2005 Dodge Durango

What was done: Full Detail, 2-step compounding and polish: About 16 hours

  • Pressure rinsed, washed, air dried, towel dried
  • Wheels and tires cleaned and dressed
  • Exterior chrome trim polished and dressed
  • Heavy swirl removal, followed by light swirl removal
  • Windows polished and sealed
  • Topped with Menzerna Powerlock

This vehicle has seen nothing, but low quality hand washes and drive through washes since its purchase in 2005. In order to attain a high quality finish a multi-stage approach had to be taken. This is because “compounding” will remove heavier imperfections in the paint, but will leave its own smaller imperfections behind which must be cleaned up with a finer polish. Here’s what happened:
Water was just sticking to the paint prior to wash

Dryed with a soft waffle weave Microfiber

Removing Iron Deposits on wheels

Iron deposits being removed from paint

Clay bar came off very dirty!

50/50 Shot with just polishing. This was where the decision was made to compound.

After Compounding, finish is starting to get some gloss back

Looking even better after 1 pass with Menzerna Power Finish

Once the method was dialed in, tackled the rest of the vehicle

Including some scuffing removed

Plastic chrome trim was cleaned up

Completed Shots

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