Detailed: 2001 Ford Mustang Cobra

What was done: Full Exterior Detail & 1-Step Polish

What was done: Full Exterior Detail & 1-Step Polish

  • Foamed, Washed, and Rinsed
  • Wheels and Tires Cleaned and Protected
  • Exterior Trim Cleaned and Dressed
  • Light swirl and oxidation removal with 1-Step Polish
  • Protected with a long lasting Nano-Sealant

This vehicle was getting a proper Spring cleaning and correction after an unforgiving winter of sitting outside. The car had recently been waxed as a touch up, but this was coming off for polish and a much more durable and long lasting Nano-Sealant. Here’s the process the vehicle saw.

The Cobra, pre-wash

Dirty engine bay was rinsed and let to soak in a diluted degreaser

Rinsed off

Wheels cleaned with an iron removing cleaner

Water was hardly beading from the current wax

Car was brought into the garage, taped for polishing, and inspected for blemishes.
Spotted some light swirling, water spotting, and oxidation

There was some left over adhesive from bumper inserts being removed.


Some shots after the 1-Step polish, but before the Nano-Sealant was applied

Plastic trim and tires were cleaned up and protected.

And finally the car was protected with a Nano-Sealant
Enjoy the final results!

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