Detailed: 2007 Mustang GT

What was done: Full Exterior Detail, 1-step Polish, Interior Detail
Absolutely Detailed

  • Wheels and tires cleaned
  • Interior vacuumed, trim cleaned and protected
  • Leather Cleaned and Conditioned
  • Exterior foamed and top shampooed
  • Contaminants removed from paint w/ clay bar
  • 1-Step exterior polish
  • Protected with a long lasting synthetic sealant

This car needed a good Spring cleaning, as it has already seen lots of time with the top down allowing the seeds of Spring to coat every interior surface.


Sorry, no time for before shots of the exterior or the wash.
We’ll start with the interior before and afters:

Carpets Vacuumed

Leather was cleaned and then conditioned

Clay bar removing some contaminants

Checking the paint thickness prior to polishing. Everything checked out fine, as was expected

Taped up and ready for polishing

A few in process shots of polishing

And finally the reveal after being topped with Sealant

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