Paint Correction: 2009 Ford Fusion

What was done: Exterior Detail, 2-Step Paint Correction

  • Wheels, tires, and wheel wells cleaned
  • Exterior foamed and washed
  • Chemical iron deposit decontamination
  • Contaminants removed with clay bar
  • Multi-Stage Paint Correction to remove heavy swirling
  • Polymer Sealant applied
  • Wheels and tires dressed
  • Glass cleaned

This car was in serious need of a paint correction to remove swirling most likely induced from the previous owner using drive through car washes frequently. 2 steps of polish were ultimately used to achieve around 80% correction.

As the car arrived:

Car was beading nicely, as it is well taken care of. But this is hiding the true condition of the paint and reducing the maximum gloss.

Clay bar was coming off pretty clean

After being decontaminated, you can see the true condition of the paint. Swirling and micro marring were abundant.

A few small sections were taped off to dial in a system for the rest of the car

A 50/50 shot

After about 5 hours of polishing, about 80% correction had been achieved. The remaining scratches would require heavy compounding or even wet sanding to be removed.

Then a polymer sealant was applied for protection and gloss. Wheels, tires, and glass were cleaned and dressed while the sealant cured.

It was well after dark when the detail was finished, so here are some sun shots sent to me by the client.

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